Monday, October 7, 2013

L'art for the L'azy: Let's Marble Paper! (Redux)

I shouldn't have done it but I did.

I looked at some other paper marbling sites, including that cow MARTHA'S, and found the acrylic paint method makes for more dramatic art.


Do the stuff I told you in the last post:

Fill half the pan with water
Add a couple Tablespoons of oil

Only, instead of food coloring use acrylic paints:

You can get them at any craft store, Walmart, etc.

Zig-zag lines of each color on top of the water:

To make it more "marble-y," drag a toothpick or kebob stick or whatever through the water:

Place paper on top of water, push it down a bit to wet the whole piece, then:

And, yeah. More marble-y than using food coloring. Harder to clean the pan but a nicer effect.

FINE, MARTHA. But I'm not going to buy all her fancy chemicals and such. I'm happy with the easy water, oil and paint method.

You win this time. But I'm still proud of my first efforts:

They'll all make lovely art journal pages.

Now that I've done all this, I've run out of time to work out. Ah, well. Lunch it is.

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