Monday, October 7, 2013

My three...

Three kids, ages: 16, 18 and 19.

Obviously, they're older than this. This was taken in 2007, right after we bought our fancy new Canon Rebel EOS Xti, which is no longer fancy nor new anymore. So we have tons of not that great pics from that year, when we joined the digital revolution.

Now they're (left to right) high school sophomore, college sophomore and high school senior.


I wish I'd been blogging when they were tiny and compact, portable and not yet verbal, but such wasn't the case. If I had, I'd have been able to talk about fun stuff like: ceaseless wailing (mine and theirs), potty training (tenth ring of hell), preschool (mixed, mostly hell), elementary school... You get the idea. But I wasn't one of those early bloggers, so we'll have to settle for testosterone and estrogen in much greater doses. Well, mine's taking a nosedive but my daughter's in full swing.

If your kids are older, like mine, you'll realize the challenges have changed. A lot. For one, two of three are taller than I am. When your kids are small you don't take that threat seriously, that one day you'll be looking up to talk to them, counterbalancing all that looking down you did. They aren't always ripping each other's hair out, screaming at each other and stomping off to their rooms. And the wailing has pretty much stopped (mine and theirs). I'm fortunate in that they're not partiers, get good grades and, for the most part, obey.


Still, there are challenges a-plenty. Now it's paying for college and queuing up to pay tuition for two more starting way too soon for my liking. My two older kids drive. My oldest is studying in Wales next semester and who knows if we'll get her back. In some ways stuff is easier. In others, not so much. We've gone from Thomas the Tank Engine to let's think about your whole future and livelihood, while trying to save some money so Mom and Dad can retire.

And I'm currently unemployed.

Oh, joy!

These are the facts, should you choose to accept them. As for me, I have no choice.

I really have no choice, right?

Oh hell.

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