Monday, October 7, 2013

L'art for the L'azy: Let's Marble Paper!

I'm a spur of the moment decision kind of gal. In the middle of thinking about going to work out, it occurred to me that hey, I want to try making marbled paper!

It really was that pathetic.

I saw it on some YouTube video or other, which probably explains it a LOT better than I do, so let's just go with my inferior method, anyway. Okay?

You will need:

newspaper, to cover work surface
paper towels
a place to put the paper to dry

1 deep cookie pan (an inch would be ideal, but whatevs)
cooking oil
food coloring

I laid the pan on a few pages of newspaper, then filled it roughly halfway with water.

Then, I added two or three Tablespoons of your regular, everyday cooking oil (canola, because I like my art to be healthy).

Next, randomly drop in several drops of several colors of food coloring. Go crazy!

The oil and water of course don't mix, so that leaves the colors to float on top.

Take your paper (I used watercolor paper, so thicker than copy paper)...

Drop it in the pan...

It's going to look a bit like crap but you can see it's starting to marbleize.

So, swish it a bit, to make sure it's all wet... AND THEN...


This one was made fairly late in the game, I'll admit it. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to change the water after a time or two but I, well...

These were made earlier in the process, before my water turned dark bluey ick:

If I'd followed actual instructions these probably would have turned out even better but for a first attempt - and a lazy one at that - I don't think they're bad. Kind of.

Do be careful of the food coloring, as you would with any project involving paint. But the good thing about this paper is the oil in the water keeps it from sticking to things. I put it on cardboard, newsprint, foil and of course our outdoor patio table and it didn't stick to a darn thing.

Once it's done we can play "Let's make a lazy art project!" from it. Maybe later this week. I'm taking the week off from job hunting, so hopefully I'll have some good, quality art time.

In the meantime, maybe I'll try making a few more pieces of marbled paper. If When I really get the hang of it I'll give you the tips. But in the meantime, mess around with this general idea and we'll meet back later in the week.


Now, I've screwed around long enough it's time to eat lunch before I can even think of going to work out. So I need to clean up my mess and eat, then see if I can get to the health club without any more shiny object distractions.

Enjoy your Monday...

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